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Frederick Figure Skating Club is excited to announce Club Ice beginning April 19th.

The goal of how Club Ice is structured, cost, dates and times, is to obtain sufficient participation so that half of the cost of club ice is covered by the Club initially, and half by the skater. 

Each Session costs the club $458.33 to rent the ice for 1.50 hours. 

The club has initially booked 17 sessions at a total cost of  $7791.61

The price of the club ice to the skater is based off of an initial 25 member participant purchase. This would be a cost of $155 per skater. 

Currently 1.50 hours of ice is $272 when purchased during freestyle from Skate Frederick. Purchasing club ice would save each member $134 for premium ice time.

Should participation in club ice be successful, we could book club ice for the following year, and re-visit the cost at that time. 

For Convenience -We have set up a paypal account so that members could charge the balance rather than paying cash or check.

If members choose to use paypal, a $5 paypal fee that is charged by paypal, will be passed onto the member for a total cost of  $160

Members paying Cash or Check will need to provide payment in an envelope with your skaters name to the FFSC Club mail box at the rink. (Not to be confused with the Sparklers box)


***Registration is first come first serve -Due to the large amount of members our club has- we will be limiting this ice to to the first 35 registrations for safety concerns. 

***Coaches that are club members are free. Coaches wishing to utilize club ice time, must be registered members of the club in good standing through the duration of the club ice time (July)

***Skaters using club ice in conjunction with coaches, must be full time club members, and must purchase club ice. Lesson fees are between the skater and the coach.

***Participants must be full club members through the duration of the club ice offering (July)

***There will be no pro-ration of the club ice fee. 

***Freestyle etiquette applies-Sessions are designed specifically for ALL levels of freestyle skating, moves in the field and ice dance.  Only one set of synchronized skaters may connect at one time, regardless of lesson. No shadow skating- at no time may 2 or more skaters perform/practice skating elements/maneuvers at the same time side by side, connected or disconnected. 

Spins are to be done in the center of the ice, and jumps are to be done on the ends and corner unless in a program. Skaters with an orange sash will be given the right of way. Skaters are not permitted to have personal listening devices on the ice at any time. Music is limited to 2 plays per half hour (lesson or non-lesson) No food or open drink containers are permitted on the ice at anytime, water bottles only. 

***Skaters will be issued a club ice badge- this badge must be presented before taking the ice to the monitor on duty. No other skater may borrower another skaters pass.

***The Ice session includes zam time. The last 10 minutes of the session is reserved for Skate Frederick to re-zam the ice for the next set of skaters who have rented the ice.

***Skating is skate at your own risk. Monitors will be there to ensure rules are being followed, and any skater that is not following the session rules will be given a polite warning. Dangerous skating may result in being asked to leave the session.

***All skaters, or guardians, must sign a participation agreement acknowledging the rules above.

JUNE 2020

Friday   June 26- 6:00-7:30 pm

Sunday June 28- 3:30- 5:00 pm

July 2020

Friday July 03 -6:00-7:30 pm

Friday July 10- 6:00-7:30 pm

Friday July 17- 6:00-7:30 pm

Friday July 24- 6:00-7:30 pm

Friday July 31- 6:00-7:30 pm