Frederick Figure Skating Club

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Spring Show 2022- 

Spring show May 15th 2pm -5 pm

Please email music to


Arrival 2:00p Show Start 2:10p

Locker Room 6 (girls 12 & under) Lockroom 8 (Girls 13 and over) Locker Room #1 (Boys)

Enter through the outside rink door please- Entry through the hall between rinks will not be permitted- Skaters & Volunteers only-

Ice Class

2:10p 7am Class- 1st Group

2:13p 8 am Class-2nd Group

Senior Recognition 2:14 -2:24p

2:10p Brian Mark Crimy

2:18p Joy Dockendorf

2:20p Hanna Grace Enriquez

2:22p Elsie Barber

2:24p Emily Bauer

Warm Up- 2:25p-2:30pDessie Hoewing-Moxley, Gigi Bowers, Emma Little, Alex Crimy

2:31p Dessie Hoewing-Moxley

2:34p Gigi Bowers

2:37p Emma Little

2:40p Alex Crimy

Warm Up- 2:41p-2:46p- Elsie Kaleba, Kaitlyn Doud, Sophie Bollino, Iris Mokashi

2:47p Elsie Kaleba

2:50p Kaitlyn Doud

2:53p Sophie Bollino

2:56p Iris Mokashi

Warm Up 2:57p- 3:02p- Kaylin Ki, Jordan Ogburn, Megan Holloway, Sydel Anku

3:03p Kaylin Ki

3:06p Jordan Ogburn

3:09p Megan Holloway

3:12p Sydel Anku

Warm Up- 3:13p-3:18p – Claira Mullen, Clair Yu, Maya Byers, Raegan Britner

3:19p Claira Mullen

3:22p Clair Yu

3:24p Maya Byers

3:26p Raegan Britner


Warm Up 3:42-3:46p Theatre on Ice

3:46p Theatre on Ice

Warm Up- 3:49-3:54p -Mark Crimy, Hannah Grace Enriquez, Joy Dockendorf

3:55p Mark Crimy

3:58p Hanna Grace Enriquez

4:01p Joy Dockendorf

Warm Up- 4:02-4:06p- Mitchell Dahlin, Danica Watson, Zoey Wagner, Valentina Varisco

4:07p Mitchell Dahlin

4:09p Danica Watson

4:11p Zoey Wagner

4: 13p Valentina Varisco

Warm Up- 4:14-4:19p – Mark & Alex Crimy, Daniel Dehart, Dessie Hoewing Moxley

4:20p Mark & Alex Crimy

4:23p Daniel Dehart & Dessie Hoewing-Moxley

Please email Elnora Little at should you have any questions.