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Trial Judges Wishing to Attend a Frederick Test Sessions:

Due to a large number of requests to trial at Frederick Figure Skating Club tests, the Frederick board will be adhering to the following policies for all test sessions starting May 1, 2019. 

Frederick FSC cannot guarantee acceptance to trial at every session. Please send your request to trial to the test chair at least 14 days prior to the test date. Requests received after this date may not be considered. Do not make travel arrangements prior to notification that you have been accepted, as we cannot guarantee accommodation. With the high demand for sessions, we ask trial judges trial no more than 15 tests at a time.

When requesting to trial, please email the test chair at with the following details:
1.) What specific tests are you looking for and how many do you plan to trial?
2.) What appointments, if any, do you have?
3.) If you have an appointment, are you willing to judge while you are here trialing?

All communication regarding test sessions is to go directly through the test chair. All decisions made by the test chair are final unless voted on by the Frederick FSC board members.

We will continue to accommodate as many trial judges as we can. Trial spots will typically be issued on a first come first serve basis and the number allowed may vary from session to session. Although not guaranteed, Frederick will try to give priority to those judges we were unable to accommodate at previous sessions.

Thank you for your dedication to our sport. Thank you for your understanding.